Saturday, November 19, 2005

Don't you hate it when ...

... you completely overreact? Our (rented) home is on the market and there was an open home today. I thought it was at 2.30, so we went out to get lunch and such, and were going to come back to pick up Leo the Kitten and Scouty the Crazy Cat so they wouldn't be tempted to go outside.
Come home to find the house wide open and people in it. So I ROAR in to shove Scout into a cat carrier and start babbling at the real estate agent at the same time.
Turns out, both Scouty AND Leo were fine and the open home was nearly over. Woops.
On the bright side, after spending an hour and half this morning (both of us) cleaning up, we now have a lovely clean house.
argh. argh. argh. argh.


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