Tuesday, March 07, 2006


So it was the yearly Oscar get-together for friend Sarah and I. We gather, eat junkfood and yell at the TV _ especially when we see a dress we dislike (Helena Bonham-Carter we mean you) or a nomination we disagree with.

I thought it would go to Good Night and Good Luck but no. A movie that has Matt Dillon in it won best picture.
At least Ang Lee won best director, as he deserved to for Brokeback Mountain. I don't care about all the gay cowboy stuff. It's a heartbreaking love story filmed with incredible sensitivity by a great film maker. Best director was the least he deserved.
The Oscars is, still, a show in search of a host. At least this year they abandoned the tacky giving of 'second-tier' awards in the seats. That just ain't right. If it's Hollywood's biggest patting self on the back night of the year, then go all out. Do it right. I though Jon Stewart was fine. But bring back Billy Crystal. Or beg George Clooney to do it. At least that way, if he messes up, no one cares because he's nice to look at.
Otherwise ... eh. More pretty dresses and pretty speeches. How cute is Reese Witherspoon though? Honestly.
The best actor category surprised me (I thought it would go to Joaquin Phoenix for Walk the Line) but it's good to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman honoured regardless.
To sum up: we ate too many M&Ms, shouted at the TV a lot and had a good time.
I'd like to thank the academy.


Blogger Erin said...

Hello!! Wandered over from the Wagon....nice blog!!

As for the Oscars, I was lusting over Kiera Knightly. Especially that necklace -- looking like peacock feathers, I think? I was hypnotized by it. LOL

4:37 am  

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