Saturday, December 15, 2007

Too darn hot!

We had a couple of days of rain, and the weather co-operatively cooled down. Until today. Going outside is like being smothered lovingly in a warm, wet blanket. It's Saturday, so we're going to wrangle Patrick, then go visit Mother. Exciting stuff, yup yup yup.
I told Mum we might come visit today, and her face lit up. Patrick is just pure joy to her, which is just lovely to see. He's her eighth grandchild too, but the excitement hasn't diminshed. And he really responds to that level of joy; its so nice to see.
What else. I thought of something, but it's gone looking for more interesting pastures than my brain. Oh! Right! Neighbours.
Now, there's nothing I can do if the neighbours choose to thudthudthud music at 11.30am on a Saturday. But at 7.15am? That's rude! I'd had a whole four hours sleep (woo hoo!) So I'd gone back to bed to try and catch up, but nothing doing. And I swear they know; because as soon as I was up and dressed, it stopped!
I'm sure blog topics have wandered into my brain to do some sightseeing this week. Unfortunately, it was usually when I was at work, and they wandered off again to look for better, prettier sites.

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