Friday, June 22, 2007

Winter wonderland ...

... or something. It snowed this morning. However, given the fact we're basically at sea level, and it had already rained, it didn't settle. It did look pretty for a while there, however. Now it's just gloomy and grey and wet and cold. Blergh.
Patrick has been little Mr Cranky-pants this morning; I'm not sure why. But he sure did start early! 3am (yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnn). He's finally dropped off to sleep now and he's due for a bottle in about an hour, but given how unsettled he was this morning, I think I'm just going to let him sleep on for a bit and wake up for the bottle on his own. He'll let me know when he's hungry.
I'm conetmplating domestic-goddessness soon _ well, washing the baby bottles and folding clean washing. And making lunch. That's about as domestic goddess as I get. Jeremy's gone to bed for a bit; he's got a sore throat and a cough and doesn't want to be around Patrick with it.
My midwife came for her last visit today; sad and happy at the same time, I guess. She was lovely and made the whole pregnancy/baby thing easier. And she was very supportive when I gave up breastfeeding; no judgements at all, so I'll miss her. :(
I've miscalculated, I think, the parental leave _ not the amount but the when. I thought the first payment kicked in this week, but it's next week. Oops. We're going to run short anyway, but now we're going to run shorter than I expected. I'm seriously considering selling my computer. I'll still have internet access and all that, because I have a Frankencomputer that Jeremy built for me for writing. Haven't used it very much at all, and it would just need the internet hooked up. Something to consider, anyway.
I had a wee sort of my cross stitch projects, and I have 16 active ones. I keep forgetting that I signed up for that challenge. What challenge? But, but, but I found the cutest dinosaur alphabet that I just HAD to start for Patrick's room. Heh ... I feel a rotation coming on ....

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Blogger RebelAngel said...

My first thoughts were "What the heck?! Snow?" before I realized you must be in the southern hemi and then I looked at your profile.

Enjoy. It's 90 in the shade here. (90 degees Farenheit. In Celcius that'

Kim WW in Mississippi

3:20 pm  

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