Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Somebody Stop Me!!!!!!!!

I had a rare domestic-goddess moment today. I cooked and moulied food for Patrick; folded washing, hung out washing, took care of baby and did dishes. Well. Baby bottles. :p
It's my day off and for some reason, energy reserves leapt up out of nowhere to attack. I"m hoping they're done now, because I'm kind of over the whole thing. I much prefer my lazy self who just works and takes care of baby.

I do have a couple more things I want to do, but they're for me rather than family or anything else. I need to sort through some books, and some projects. I finished a small one for Jeremy last night, so one more down ... heh.

Patrick seems to be coping pretty well with the whole teething thing; he's a mite grumpier than usual and seems surgically attached to his left thumb, but other than that, he's himself.

I like to start a new project at the start of the New Year, and I do have that sorted out already. So along with reading Rebecca, I'll be working on a companion piece to an orchid I stitched a couple of years ago. It's not a large project, which is good, because my mother is also expecting star sign charts for a niece and nephew who are both turning 13 next year. Apart from that, just WIPs, I think, unless something really catches my eye. It'll have to be fairly spectacular, though.

A little rambly, because I'm tired!!!!!

Tune in next time ...


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