Wednesday, April 05, 2006

DVD ups and downs

I bought Talking Head's Stop Making Sense concert DVD this week. I remember going to see that at the theatre when I was 12 or 13. So it's DVD happiness and nostalgia all rolled up in a tidy little package.
The sadness part: one of my DVD guys, who let me have a GIGANTIC account, has left and gone to Germany. The boss came and looked over their accounts and wants them all under $100. Mine, of course, is sitting at $370. But I HAD to have Walk The Line ...
So now, I have a DVD embargo. No more until that sucker is under $100.
Unless, of course, my credit card recovers its health and I go to Amazon ... you know, there's always a silver lining.
Didn't do any stitching last night; went to V For Vendetta after work.
Tonight, though, it's CSI New York, Bones, and Monet Impressions.


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