Tuesday, July 25, 2006

To blog or not to blog ...

... that is the question. Especially when I just seem to be talking to myself on the internet. Which, if you ask me, is more than a little weird. On the other hand, I'm mightily stubborn and I hate to give up. So here I am, back again.
I was sick last week _ twice. The second time, I ended up in the emergency room at 4am with chest pains. I'm 35 and I thought I was having a heart attack. Turned out it was indigestion, thankfully. I've never been so relieved in all my life. Since, as my mother cheerfully informed me, I'm a sitter for gallstones. Both my sisters have had their gallbladders out. Anyway. It was horrible and hopefully it's over now. I had Friday off work and went back on Sunday.
My irritation threshold is pretty low, though, at work. I try and tell myself that the stuff doesn't matter, and I know it doesn't but when you're right in it, as it were, and it's right in your face, it's nearly impossible to just shrug it off. Now, of course, sitting in front of my home computer in my own peaceful living room, I can see how stupid it is. Wait until tonight though, it'll all come back.
Let's see ... health, work, money ... ah, yes. Money.
Because of chronic underestimating, we owe the power company more than $500. Which they are kindly letting us pay off over three months. I'm relieved on the one hand but on the other hand ... it was their mistake!
Chloe is back at the vet for more surgery _ on her cruciate ligament this time, and for a bone fragment in her joint. We still owe the vets $200 from her last foray.
I'm trying not to let all of this stuff pile on top of me and stay relatively positive, but sometimes you just want to sink, you know?
On the bright side ... I have my health, a good job, a mostly-good husband and a roof over my head. So I have a lot more than a lot of people.
I'm making pretty good progress on the Iris picture for my friend's wedding and it's still nice not to have to get up early in the morning.


Blogger Stitchie Kiwi said...

I'm here reading, cheering you on and hoping you feel happier soon :)


7:25 pm  

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