Sunday, July 02, 2006

A vast universal conspiracy

Or just random chance?
Every time I make a half-assed resolution to get some exercise, it starts raining. I think it's a conspiracy because walking is my favourite form of exercies and there's nothing more miserable than the rain.
This time, however, I Will Not Be Beaten! I don't have an exercise bike for nothing so if it's still raining tomorrow like it is today, I'll get on the bike for a bit.
Ha! Ha ha! Take THAT, evil universal conspiracy.
I also have a morbid fear of being one of those people who has to be saved by Jerry Springer. *Shudder*.
No point whining about it if I'm not going to get off my larger than it should be ass, now is there?
You know the saying, where there's a will there's a way? Well, I do have a strong will. I just need to start using it for good. Good for me, that is, instead of bending it towards stupid things like (so far) imaginary fights over my desk at work. Like exercising and writing again _ properly that is.
I have a week off before my new shifts start so I'm going to use it to (hopefully) get into a routine and adjust my body clock.


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