Saturday, June 17, 2006

Part two

54): I can't lie flat on my back
55): My hair started going grey when I was 19/20
56): I hate wearing high-heeled shoes
57): Even though I'm only 5'1
58): I have a slight obsession with kittens
59): I love mysteries
60): I love old movies
61): And vintage fashion from the 30s 40s and 50s
62): I've only ever been travel sick once
63): On the Devli's Staircase between Kingston and Queenstown
64): I'm very organised
65): But messy
66): And terrible with money
67): My mad cat Scout is named after Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird
68): My favourite subject at uni was art history
69): Even though I majored in English
70): I'll take vintage over modern every time
71): Modernist Fiction gave me one of my favourite authors and books
72): Gabriel Garcia Marquez
73): One Hundred Years of Solitude
74): I used to be chronically shy
75): Working at newspapers for 10 years has fixed that
76): And now I'm anything but shy
77): I still consider myself an introvert though
78): My favourite scent ever is jasmine
79): My favourite perfume is Love Her Madly by Revlon, which I wore at my wedding last year
80): Our wedding song was I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness
81): The first ever concert I went to was a Eurythmics reunion tour in Melbourne in 1999
82): My nano novel was a ridiculous sci-fi confection about cannabil lizard aliens
83): That had been based on a nightmare
84): I'm very excitable
85): I'm irrationally attached to my iPod
86): I got married in purple (second wedding)
87): In a friend's backyard
88): I'll always be grateful my Dad was there
89): He died in January at 83
90): I love making lists _ even though this is taking me days!
91): I still love looking at wedding dresses
92): I'm a magpie _ anything shiny will attract my attention
93): I want to learn to read music again
94): I can touch-type but I don't know my speed
95): Despite being a journalist, I've never been a reporter
96): I met my husband on an internet dating site
97): My sister met her husband on the same site
98): History fascinates me, but I don't know a lot about it
99): Especially ancient history
100): I have a very sweet tooth
101): I have A LOT of books


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