Saturday, July 01, 2006

No clever title comes to mind

I guess I'm just updating. Thursday was my last day in Communities and we had afternoon tea _ they also bought me a gift, which was a really nice gesture.
Yesterday was supposed to be the first day off of my holiday, but the chief sub rang and asked me to work last night. It wasn't too bad. It's certainly going to be busy and it looks like I"ll be embroiled in Desk Dramas when I go back in a week.
It's funny. I don't care about the stupid desk, but at the same time, I keep obsessing over it. Now, that's a weird feeling.
J and I went to the Superman Returns preview on Wednesday night. It's good. Not great, but good. Too long and Spacey is a bit of a letdown, but visually it's beautiful.
What else do I have.
Oh yeah.
I'm going to trial a monthy goals thing. See how far I get.
So for July:
Finish page 1 of Iris, adapted by Jill Oxton and based on the art work of body paint artist Emma Hack.

It was originally painted on the bodies of two sisters embracing, and Jill Oxton adapted it for cross stitch. I'm actually doing it as a wedding present for my friend, S. I wanted to stitch something, but I know anything with a ''wedding'' theme will freak her out. Hopefully she'll think it's nice, different, unusual.
Uh ... walk four days a week and (when I go back to work) bike to work. Not home, because I finish at midnight but I can bike TO work.
Read and write reviews for three review books.
Keep blogging twice a week and leaving comments on others' blogs.
Tidy up a short story.
Measure and cut fabric for vase patterns and for quilt squares.

That's all for now. More later. There's always more later.


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