Thursday, April 13, 2006

The long weekend

Day one of four-day weekend. It's a bad sign, but I"m already scratchy and restless. It's going to be a fun weekend if this keeps up!
The weather is keeping fairly nice; I'm hoping for a very cold night though _ it keeps our noisy neighbour inside _ and quiet!
Merlin is in hot pursuit of a fly. No luck yet but I'm sure he'll get his man.
I mean, fly.

I've abandoned my rotation for the time being but I've started stitching again _ I'm working on Mirabilia's Madonna of the Garden _ beautiful colours and it's quite soothing.

Anzac Day is coming up in a couple of weeks, which got mey thinking about Dad; it's also partly what got me moving again. I don't really feel a lot better, but you know, you act as if you do and sooner or later your feelings catch up with your actions. That, and I know Dad wouldn't want me to be moping about. So I'm stitching, reading my way through some review books ... I'm trying, at least. Now all I have to do is get up on time for work in the morning!

What else. Not a lot happening lately. I fully intend to enjoy this time off as much as I can and not sulk about being bored. I've been talking about sorting out and re-arranging my bookcases and that's what I'm planning on doing tomorrow. They need to be alphabetised, re-sorted into genres and the ones that can be given to the book sale need to be boxed up. So that's Friday's job.

Saturday ... reading, I think; then on Sunday we're playing taxi for Mother and my oldest sister; we're going to my other sister's for Easter Sunday dinner. I get to see Jacob _ it's been a while!

As for the rest of today ... h'm. Not sure yet. But I'll figure something out.


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