Tuesday, May 30, 2006

*scratches blog under chin*

Good blog ... whose a good blog den?
Sorry. It's getting late and I'm getting loopy. I'm trying to think if I have anything to report - nothing very exciting, that's for sure.
Jacob's christening was Sunday but I had to stay home as I had a sore throat and achy bones; his surgery is on Friday so I don't want to jeopardise that.
Winter has stretched out on the couch, stolen the remote control and made itself comfortable.
It's cold, in other words.
And I'm worried that I'm getting jaded about movies _ I love movies, I don't want to be jaded _ about anything. Maybe we just need to take a little break from each other. Long-term relationships can get stale from time to time.
I've had the song Helter Skelter in my brain since Saturday _ the U2 version. It's a heckuva thing to have running through your head pretty much all the time.
I haven't walked to work yet because of this stupid virus that keeps lingering. Or I'm just really really really really lazy. Who knows.
I don't really know anything at the moment.


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