Sunday, June 11, 2006

A finish, a birthday and

Top, Sam and Chloe, keeping warm together. Aw.

Right is a Brambly Hedge quilt square, destined eventually for Love Quilts Australia. I want to finish a few more and send them all off at once.

I turn 35 tomorrow. Which I'm having a hard time with. I don't usually have a hard time wtih birthdays, either the day sucks or it doesn't, but this one ... oy! J asked me yesterday if I wanted my present then or on Monday when it would mean rushing around. So I said yesterday. I said I had wanted silver earrings, so that's what he got me _ silver earrings that I'm 20 years too old to wear. Normally, he does pretty well with jewellery, but normally I think he asks a jewellery store employee for help _ or I've pointed to them in a catalogue and said, ''oh, I like those''. It's not his fault, but now I REALLY feel my age. Sigh ...
Changes ... I'm switching back to working nights on the daily from next month. I had to think about it long and hard, and make sure I was doing it for the right reasons and not just because certain people get under my skin. But I'm doing it because it's time for a change; time for a new challenge. And I want to hang out with my friends again. :)
That's it for now, although I'll be back later in the day because I"m a post behind with my 101 goal list. That reminds me, I need to change the getting up in the morning one.
Think I'll do one of those 100 things about myself lists. After all, I am my favourite topic!


Blogger Kiwi Jo said...

Happy Birthday Maree!
Love the picture of the kitties!

12:12 am  

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