Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I think too much

Which is what anyone who knows me would say. I do. I over-analyse things to death. Not important things but really stupid things that just get hooked into my brain.
I asked someone at work about the promotion that's coming up in my department and he said that I'd be considered seriously, which is encouraging.
Today is supposed to be my day off but I just got a call asking if I'd be available tonight because there's meant to be industrial action. All of these little strikes ... four hours here, a shift there ... are taking a toll. And surely not just on the non-union members.
I wish they would get their stuff sorted out with the company; it's one of the howler monkeys that's been pulling at my psyche lately. That, and Chloe of course, and J. Although J started work yesterday. He has a temporary contract for a month, then when the month is up he can apply for the fulltime job. Which would be good because it would mean he wouldn't have to go back to the freezing works in December.
So one down, two to go.
Chloe has a vet appointment on Thursday but probably not to get her collar off because I imagine the remaining stitches won't come out until next week.
I did take the collar off her last night for a little while so she could have a ''bath''. She was very good and left her stitches alone.
I've been doing some stitching, working on one of my own projects, but I haven't picked up another book since I finished Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult, which was really good.
Well, that's it for another day.


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