Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nothing new

So why am I here? Not in an existential, navel-gazing way. Just, why am I blogging if I have nothing new to blog? No pithy observations, no funny things on the way to the forum ... is it me, or is this turning into a Stevie Wonder song?
Two more days before Chloe gets that damn collar off _ yay for all of us!
Work is well, work. The union members went on strike last night, but given that, in my department most of the union members are lazy at the best of times, it had little impact.
I have a new, shiny lite Visa to play with but I must be good this time, because my mother wants me to book airline tickets for her ... at some stage. It doesn't mean I can't go shopping. I just can't go nuts.
That's really all I have.


Blogger Kip said...

OOh shiny visa - that would be the death of me!

7:51 pm  
Blogger Maree said...

I've been good so far but only because I have to remember I need it to get my mother plane tickets!

11:22 am  

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