Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nope, nothing

Today is allegedly my due date but I got nothing. No niggles ... nothing. Apparently, we forgot to tell the baby. Oops! He's moving in there like a little movey mcmoverson, but seems quite happy where he is. Meanwhile his parents are getting a bit toey. All right. His MOTHER is getting a bit toey and his father keeps finding little jobs outside to do. Sigh.

There are bigger issues in the wider world, but you know, um ... ah, crap. I can't keep a single thought in my head for longer than a second at the moment. Maybe I should stop writing and just start posting pictures of the cats. That'd work, right?


Blogger Little Grey Cat said...

The waiting gets so frustrating doesn't it. It wont be long though that's for sure.

Hope everything goes well for you hun and looking forward to seeing your happy news soon. You will post a pic wont you? Pleeeease :o)

6:54 pm  

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