Thursday, April 26, 2007


Ha! (That's slightly bitter laughter).
We had a scan on Tuesday because the midwife said baby should have dropped by now. So we go to the scan place, and are excited to "see" him again, but the technician said they couldn't really tell if he'd dropped or not. However, he had such a clear view of baby's head, that he didn't think so. I don't feel any different, so I'm guessing the lazy little pecker is quite happy where he is. Well, okay, he kicks and squirms too much to be considered lazy. I'm just pouting because I've had an easy nine months of it so far and NOW he decides to be unco-operative?

The good news is that all his systems are in place and working and we know for sure that it IS a boy - he was turned slightly at the 19-week scan but it was as clear as a bell on this one. His weight estimate was 7lb 13oz but I know that they can be well off the mark. Good Lord, I hope so! If I go over and he's putting on fat every day ... gah! gah! gah!

I finally managed to finish my homework on Monday when the midwife came - the birth plan in other words. There were just questions on there I didn't understand the relevance of, like what will you be wearing during labour? Uhm ... how about a lovely little sequinned evening dress by Vera Wang and hair extensions? No? Okay, then. I don't care. So I put hospital gown, so I don't wreck my own clothes.

Eh. Who knows what's going to happen really? All we care about is coming home with a healthy baby!

In other news ... h'm. I don't seem to have any other news!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I keep coming back to check ...
Tomorrow's the day isn't it? Hope everything is ok. looking forward to hearing your news when you get a minute :o)

9:30 am  
Blogger Maree said...

Nothing yet ... and yep, today is my due date.

11:02 am  

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