Sunday, March 01, 2009

One long party

Well, okay. That's not true. Mostly I sit around alternating between watching TV and watching Patrick. That really does sum up my day at the moment.
In my defense, sort of, I am on holiday. And the weather's been crap. So I hang out with the boy while Jeremy is off tinkering with obscure things _ computers usually. Then when hanging with the toddler gets a bit much, I get Jeremy to make me a cup of tea and he alternates between watching TV and watching Patrick for a while.
As you can see by the pic, Patrick is as steady as you like on his feet now although he'll still do a drop-and-crawl occasionally.
He likes to pick up books and "read" them; he does the same thing with the TV Guide. I'd love to get a photo of him doing it, but as soon as he hears the camera, he's right up in your face _ Patrick loves having his photo taken.
As I said, I'm on holiday, so haven't been doing a lot of anything. Reading. TV. Movies (Slumdog Millionaire and Zack and Miri Make a Porno, so far), hanging out with my boys and my cats. Stitching.
Um .... yep, that sums it up.
Stitching-wise I've been making fairly good progress on Circe, but I've decided to swap it out for a while, before I get tired of the blues and greens. So now I'm working on La Ghirlandata, by Jan Eaton, based on a painting by Dante Rossetti. I've switched blues and greens for rich reds and browns; very appropo, considering we're going into autumn.
That's it. Not a lot to be said, or done, when you're mooching at home, on holiday. :)

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