Monday, December 29, 2008

Fast forward

I'd just like to say, whoever hit the fast-forward button, could you take you finger off it for a minute? Thanks :)

What's been up lately? Not a lot. Mr Lazy-pants to your left still isn't walking on his own yet. Although ... I'm not complaining. Not really. He's standing pretty well and can take a few steps with customer support, so that's promising. Otherwise, he's doing pretty normal 19 month old stuff. He got a Mega-Blocks plastic truck from my mother for Christmas, which is full of chunky plastic blocks,and he's been having fun with those _ stacking them ... throwing them ... hiding them ... you know; regular stuff. :)

I'm working days this week, which I don't mind but I'm still not good at getting up as early as I should. But I get there, I do my eight hours, I go home. Could be worse.

I went to Twilight on Friday, which I enjoyed about as much as the book. I liked the book, didn't love it and felt the same way about the movie. Robert Pattinson (although mostly annoying and sulky as Edward) is very, very pretty. Oh, my yes.

It was stinker today, with the temperature reaching, at the very least, the high 20s. It's on days like this I understand why dogs go and pant in the shade. It was what I felt like doing. Either that, or crawling under my desk in my stuffy office and letting the sleep have me.

Mmmmmmmmm ... sleeeeeeeeeeeep ...



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