Monday, December 15, 2008



We took Patrick to the beach for the first time yesterday and as much as he hates grass, he loooooved the sand _ crawled along, inspecting shells, getting the sand everywhere .... good times :)

He's still not walking yet and we're like cheerleaders when we see him almostabouttosurely .... but I also know that when he does, we're going to look at each other and say "what the hell did we teach him that for?"

His vocab has stretched to include ''bye'' and ''go", which he said to me one day as I was getting ready for work. I popped my head around the door of the living room to say something to Jeremy and young Mister put his arm up in an imperious fashion ... "go" he said to the female slave ... *sigh*

Otherwise, things tick over as they always do.

I'm stiching, sort of, in fits and starts, on the EMS Kitchen Alphabet for now.

It's progressing ... slowly.

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