Monday, October 27, 2008

This is the week ahead

It's my day off tomorrow (woo hoo) but I have Stuff to do. Nothing drastic and hopefully nothing that will take too long.
I have The Diving Bell and the Butterfly out on DVD to watch, during which I can't stitch because it's in French and subtitled. But I've been waiting to watch it for months so once Patrick goes down for a sleep ... it's just me and my DVD. :)
I've been doing okay with the walking _ going about three days a week. I'm hoping to up that to five this week. I'm planning on starting my week off the right way. Plus also, it'll be a bonus not to have to go in to work tomorrow night. I can relax, and breathe. Ah ...
Our house sold a few weeks ago and the handover between the landlords is supposed to happen this Friday but we haven't heard anything from the new overlords yet. I kind of need to know, so I can, like, you know, pay rent? Yeah.
Patrick is doing well. Eating on his own, finally. Which is really more about parental laziness than his development. And when I say "eating", I mean with his hands mostly. He has a spoon but it's really more of a token spoon. So, of course, he makes a mess. Hey, he's a little boy. It's what they do.
I'm working on a very small picture that I'm going to have put in a photo frame for my mother. It's ver cute, of a little table in front of a window, with a book and a vase of flowers. It's very Mum and if I get it put in a photo frame, she can just put it on the table, where she can see it.
So hopefully I'll work on that some tomorrow. :)

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