Monday, March 30, 2009

Time ... hey .... time!!!!!!

Come BACK here! And slow down! Look at my baby! Surely it's only been 10 minutes? Then how can he be climbing the furniture already?


You know, he learned to climb a lot faster than he learned to walk, for some reason. Is it a boy thing? Whatever it is, we can't keep him off the couch, or away from the bookshelves. He likes to pull the books out and drop them on the floor.

It's a strange thing, isn't it, bringing another person into the world, and then watching them grow up, and change and ... yes, yes, I can hear Sunrise/Sunset too. Bite me, invisible Internets people.

I've been toying with doing this: Despite the fact I haven't written anything since ... um ... okay, if you discount the creative writing course I did at the end of last year, which I do, because all we got told was don't do this, don't do that by our largely absent tutor, it's been at least six months since I put any kind of pen to any kind of paper.

Seriously, that course completely derailed me. Ugh. So I'm thinking about it in a similarly vague way that I think about come October. So I either have terrible, crippling writer's block or I'm terribly, horribly lazy. Because I could make time for it if I wanted to.

Yes, yes I could.



Blogger Abi said...

It is not a boy thing. Ayame climbs furniture like crazy. She will also climb over Mommy & Daddy when she wants something.

12:01 pm  

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