Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just tag me, stuff me and put me in the corner

There is nothing worse than losing control at work. At home is fine, where the only ones who see it are J and the cats. But at work????????????????????????
I've taken a stat day today and it's all lovely and peaceful. I read a book (Shopaholic Abroad) and now I'm mooching at the computer and watching TV. It's a good day to have off, it's all windy and cold. And since all I feel like doing is lying about and being a lizard, it's even better.
Of couse, I have to go back to work tomorrow and explain to my boss and then the deputy Ed What Happened.
Ugh. What am I going to say? On top of it, I"m really not proud of myself for bolting on a busy day. Or of blubbering all over G's kitchen table.
Blergh. Blergh. Blergh.


Blogger Rowyn said...

Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Good luck with no. 3 on your 101 things to do list. I hope to have my restricted licence by the end of the year too - I'm doing OK so far... have only scraped two kerbs and narrowly missed one pedestrian :-)

5:29 pm  

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