Sunday, May 14, 2006

The 101 list

OR: How I completely lost my mind without even trying.
I've seen this on a few blogs and I do love a challenge. The advantage with it is that you have 1001 days to complete the goals. I have to say, it's taken me a week to come up with 101 things.
But, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, here it is.
1): Lose 30kg - this is The Big One, as it were, which is why it's first.
2): Attend a Dawn Service on Anzac Day
3): Get my drivers licence. Specifically, have my restricted licence by the end of this year.
4): Design a cross stitch chart. Done!
5): Pay off BNZ Mastercard and cut it into tiny plastic pieces.
6): Go to bed by 2am every night.
7): Exercise as many days in a week as possible.

8): Cook dinner as many days as possible; except when I go to the movies after work (which is about once a fortnight).
9): Pay off my high laybys. Paid off one
10): Go to the movies once a fortnight.
11): Have cereal for breakfast on weekdays.
12): Have a baby. DONE
13): Drink more herbal tea.
14): Pay off ANZ overdraft.
15): Get through the rest of the books on the Whitcoulls top 100 that I haven't read yet.
16): Get through my backlog of review books.
17): Start a graduate degree.
18): Save/plan for a trip to the Antarctic.
19): Write a screenplay.
20): Research religions that interest me.
21): Own an original artwork.
22): Finish Circe, Monet Impressions and Romany Caravan (Cross stitch WIPs).
23): Write book reviews as soon as possible after the books are finished. DOING PRETTY WELL SO FAR
24): Take a road trip from Bluff to Cape Reinga.

25): Blog twice a week. SO FAR SO GOOD
26): Go on a retreat.
27): Post comments on at least two blogs a week. ONCE AGAIN, SO FAR SO GOOD
28): Learn to knit.
29): Learn to crochet.
30): Stitch four charity squares in a 12-month period.
31): Donate to a charity once a month.
32): Plan a trip to London at Christmastime.
33): Finish a book every two weeks.
34): Learn beading.
35): Compile a personal recipe book.
36): Get films developed.
37): Watch extended LOTR movies back-to-back.
38): Sort household paperwork.
39): Explore personal faith.
40): Update photograph albums; online included.
41): Write a first draft of a novel.
42): Go to a live concert.
43): Legally change my last name.
44): Go to the museum once a month.
45): Go to Dunedin at least once a year to go to the public art gallery.
46): Learn to bake a loaf of bread from scratch.
47): Make a will
48): Save $3000.
49): Pay $100 on other credit card every month.
50): Take more photographs.
51): Visit fruit and vegetable market at least once a month.
52): Get an annulment.
53): Have a church wedding service.
54): Learn to play the piano again.
55): Keep a food journal and update it daily.
56): Make DVD/Reading/Stitching wishlists. ONGOING
57): Eat two servings of fruit every day.
58): Learn yoga _ either take classes or find a decent DVD.
59): Drink at least a litre of water every day.
60): Read one non-fiction book every two months.
61): Watch one DVD from my own collection once a week.
62): Read the Bible - the whole thing.
63): Make a list of 101 favourite movies. DONE
64): Make a list of 101 favouorite books. DONE
65): Make a list of 25 must-see movies for myself. DONE
66): Learn how to make pasta from scratch.
67): Observe Lent.
68): Buy a comprehensive cookbook and cook something from it once a month (when I get paid). COOKBOOK BOUGHT. GOAL AMENDED.
69): Cook a vegetarian meal once a week.
70): Write a short story and enter it into a competition.
71): Go on a honeymoon.
72): Write every day.
73): Spend more time outside.
74): Grow something in a pot from seed.
75): Send five Christmas cards.
76): Buy a really great pair of jeans.
77): Buy a ''dress'' ring.
78): Dance more.
79): Watch one of my 101 favourite movies once every three months.
80): Read one of my 101 favourite books once every three months.
81): Take a night class in something challenging.
82): Make a list of my own top 10 boys' and girls' names. DONE.
83): Get store card under $500 and keep it there.
84): Go to a stitching show.
85): Go to a play once a year.
86): Go to Armageddon.
87): Buy a pair of diamond earrings.
88): Buy a Lonely Planet guide for each of the countries I want to visit.
89): Find a pair of boots that fit.
90): Visit Macetown.
91): Play music more often. DOING - BECAUSE OF IPOD
92): Buy a new CD every two months.
93): Inventory cross stitch stash - fabric, charts, kits, mags, threads, WIPs and UFOs.
94): Drive a sports car.
95): Buy a journal for planning trips. DONE
96): Buy a bathing suit.
97): Get musical soundtracks (on CD) for Phantom, Les Mis, Chess and Cats.
98): Finish organising bookcases. SORT OF DONE
99): Leave savings account alone.
100): Go to Midnight Mass.
101): When 1001 days is up, start new list and carry over anything from this list not done.
I'd divide them into categories but it took me so long to get the list together, I'm not going to.


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