Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So ... how'm I doing?

Well, I got up pretty much on time yesterday _ and an hour late today. But that's okay. It's only one day. I also didn't have time for cereal, so had one of those breakfast drinks and a banana. On the bright side, it wasn't McDonalds :)
Haven't walked to work yet but am planning to for the rest of the week, which would be three days; so not bad.
Stitching and reading going well, and I've started my 101 top books list (not easy!)
I also realised, I've already done one: the design my own cross stitch, although I pretty much just started stitching it because I can't draw, but it still counts.
I started a plot outline for my screenplay last night, so I'm writing again.
The starting is easy ... the carrying on? Not so easy.
Of course, it doesn't help that I locked myself out of the house tonight and I'm tired.
Luckily, a workmate lives around the corner from me and her husband obligingly broke into my house for me. Yay!
Had lunch out with S and M today. Twas good but I need to start resisting it more than once a week; I had a perfectly good lunch with me and I should have had it; we're having lunch out tomorrow as well because K is working tomorrow, which WAS planned.


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