Friday, August 25, 2006

Cats cats cats

Just because we have so many and I couldn't think of anything else to call the post. That and I've been writing about Chloe a lot lately, what with her health issues and all.
So I thought a pencil sketch profile of the rest of Field's Eleven might be in order.
Marx: 9 years old, black and white shorthaired moggy. Somewhat grumpy patriarch of Field's Eleven, although he would sell his whiskers for a pat. From anyone; he's not fussy.
Fagin: About 9 years old, white longhaired moggy. Lovely cat if not too bright. Marx's nemesis.
JD: 6 years old, black longhaired moggy. Grumpy from head to toe and does not like to be picked up, although will feign friendliness when he's hungry.
Casper: 5 years old, grey and white tabby. Doesn't like people apart from J and spends a lot of his time away, engaged in secret cat work.
Misty the Mighty: 3 years old, dilute calico. It's all about Misty.
Sam: about 3 years old, ginger tabby. Love monkey.
Scout: 2 years old, black and white, mad. As in, agoraphobic, although she's started to go outside for short bursts now. Still mad.
Chloe: 2 years old, dilute calico, paler than Misty. Sweet little girl, even with the Elizabethan collar. Very shy of strangers, though.
Leo: Nearly a year old, ginger and white fluff-monster. Very sweet but once again, not very bright.
Merlin: About the same age as Leo. Grey tabby. A boy's cat but very loving - when he wants something.
Piper: About 8 months old I think? Black and white, fearless and a real little cutie.
So there you have it. Field's Eleven.
Makes me tired just typing it!

Reading: Labyrinth by Kate Mosse
Working on: Breast Cancer Mandala ribbon freebie.


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