Friday, February 09, 2007

I got nothing ...

... nothing clever for a title, anyway. What else do I have ... let's see ...
Baby's doing well. He had a bit of a quiet day yesterday, which worried me slightly but today we're back on course and he's moving like a little movey thing. I'm going for a glucose/iron test on Tuesday; should be fun, or something. The funny thing is, at the moment, I'm not so much worried about whether I have gestational diabetes, but whether I have to go back and take the fasting blood test later on! That's what I'm preoccupied with at the moment. Funny the way your mind works!
Had Wednesday off this week, and took Mum to see the Queen. I have a media pass through work that's good for two tickets Monday to Thursday until the end of the year. So I splashed out (heh) and took Mum to the movies. Which we both enjoyed very much. And I think Helen Mirren should be practicing her Oscar speech about now.
Work continues pretty much the same - frustrating some of the time, busy some of the time ... you know.
The cats all seem to be well at the moment. Even Scouty the Mad has started venturing out into the kitchen and living room, and even going out the cat-window instead of standing at the front door, demanding to be let out and then changing her mind again. The only worrying part is the way she chases Piper, who fights well below Scout's weight class.
J has been spending an inordinate amount of time in his man-cave lately. Which is good on the one hand, because I know where he is and pretty much what he's doing but on the other hand ... it really is an inordinate amount of time. Boys, eh?
I've changed around my rotation a bit. The projects are the same, but I've put them in a different order. It's been too warm to work on the Iris _ it's fairly large, and it's on black. So I've traded it for the bookmark I'm doing for my sister's birthday next month. So the weekly thing is still holding (so far) I just need to shuffle the deck a little.
I do believe that's all I have.

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