Friday, January 12, 2007

Sleep .... sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Where has my sleep gone? Not that I was the world's greatest sleeper, but this whole bug-eyed awake thing for half the night is getting old! Thank goodness I don't start work until four in the afternoon. Ugh.
Finally braved the forms and took them into work. Now I just have to get J to do his and I can send them to the tax department. Woo hoo.
I'm also pouting because I don't have a lovely bump. Other pregnant women at work have lovely bumps. I sort of roll off in layers and pretty much look ... well, fat. Sigh.
The things that can wind you up. Honestly.
Summer has finally hit, and it's nice to see the sun and all.
I'd like to say I'm doing well with my January goals but ... um ... I'm not. Not so far anyway.
Never give up! Never surrender!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sleep? I got about 3 hours a night when I was pregnant and that was usually split as an hour at bedtime then I was wide awake until about 5am. I was so tired towards the end that I was panicking thinking I wouldn't have enough energy to do labor!

Try and take a week or so off work before your due date so you can get plenty of rest. It really helped me.

I think I just looked fat but others said it was a definite baby bump. Glad I put the photo's on my blog now so I can go back and check lol

You done any bump photo's?

1:15 pm  
Blogger Maree said...

I haven't done any 'bump' photos yet, no. I'm also missing that whole serene mother-to-be glow.
I'm finishing at the start of m 38th week, so hopefully I'll have some time to myself. :)

11:48 pm  

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