Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Day Before Christmas

Don't worry, I"m not even going to try and make a rhyme out of it. It's just a handy title because it's Christmas Eve. We don't have a lot to do because we're travelling tomorrow to have dinner with family. And I WON"T go into that particular saga, I"ll be here all day. But my sister is driving me crazy. It's our first Christmas without Dad, which will be hard enough for everyone, but she's made it all so much harder than it needed to be. And she's winding up about Mum being alone tomorrow night, after all the Christmas stuff is said and done. The thing is, my mother is FINE. She's actually pretty resilient and probably hasn't even thought about it. But that doesn't stop my sister from rambling at me on the phone about it. Grr. Grr. Grr.
So I'm calling a time-out today. I'm going to work on the cat picture for the baby's room and do my Lord of the Rings marathon that I've been promising myself.
Merry Christmas.



Blogger Rowyn said...

Hope you had a good Christmas. I have a problematic sister too, she's always rocking the boat! :-)

10:32 pm  

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