Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday I have Friday on my mind

The Friday at the end of this week, not last week. Because AFTER this Friday, I have three days off (woo hoo!). Saturday (obviously), Sunday, because there's no paper on Christmas Day AND I'm rostered off on Christmas Day. I want to work all the other stats but wanted Christmas off because it's Mum's (and our) first Christmas without Dad.
We're going to name the baby after him _ we've already started calling him Patrick.
So it'll be Patrick Ross, after my Dad and J's Dad. He's started to move around a bit more, and really seems to like it when I'm at work, for some reason. I think of him as practising for being a person out in the world :)
I have Plans for the weekend and I just hope the Universe is looking in the other direction, otherwise something will happen and I'll end up running around like a chicken.
We don't have a tree up yet, because of the cats, so Saturday's to-do is putting up the tree and wrapping presents :)
Sunday, I'm planning an LOTR marathon and some stitching. Monday, of course, is Christmas and we'll be with family, so all bets are off for Monday.
I signed up for the Beta-blogger thingy which seems to be working...
That's all I have for now. :)

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