Sunday, January 28, 2007

How's the weather?

Why, thanks for asking! It's .... weird. Yesterday was all hot and sunny and gorgeous and today is all windy and raining. Where is this 'summer' of which you speak so highly? Not that I'm complaining, really. It'd be nice to get more than one fine day, but I'm almost never cold at the moment, so quite frankly, I'd rather be comfortable!
We went shopping yesterday, and bought a paddling pool (for me, at the moment, when summer does hit), a $12 mini red bookcase for the baby's room and I got a couple of skirts _ the next size up from what I'm wearing now, so I won't be too caught out.
I hope.
What else has been happening. You know, not a lot. Work ... home ... baby. Oh, I found about the job. I didn't get it but in all honesty, I'm kind of relieved. I was wavering on whether I wanted it anyway; the guy who is getting it will be really really really good, and so I'm a little bit disappointed, because I know I can do the job, but mostly relieved because of what I would have to be dealing with. If that makes sense!
Now, given that I'm blogging once a week if I'm lucky, I'll re-post my January goals today and see how I went:
-Write 1000 words a day; see if I can get my mojo back - uh .... no
-Finish the page I'm on and the next one of the Iris pattern for my friend S's wedding - no, but that's because I decided to start rotatering again
-Get as much possible done of window on cat pattern for the baby's room - see above
-Start DD's Here Be Dragons as your 2007 January start - yes
-Make a list of everyone's birthday - yes, although I got the date of my nephew W's wrong
-Finish Pandora's Star and Lord of the Rings - Finshed PS but not LOTR
-Read one or two review books - yes; write the reviews every Wednesday or Thursday - still to write reviews
-Find out about ante-natal classes - yes but I haven't actually booked in yet
-No Starbucks! - once, or twice? Not too bad
-No buying tea at work - Have been buying tea on Fridays, which I think I'll keep doing. Makes a change, gets me out of the office.
-Get credit card under its limit - uhm ... no
-Do one thing off 101 in 1001 days list - no
Hmmmmmmm ... if I got a report card on this it would say Must Do Better.
Okay. On to February.
-Stick to weekly rotation.
-Read/review two more review books for work
-BOOK ante-natal classes
-Get credit card under its limit
-Pay off gigantor power bill
-Write every day
-Do one thing off 101 in 1001 days list
That should keep me from a life of crime. For the next month anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be so glad it's not boiling hot! It was roasting for my last few weeks of pregnancy and I was so uncomfortable.

Good grief! That's a lot of goals you've set yourself there.

3:16 am  
Blogger Maree said...

I know - but I always aim high!

11:11 am  

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