Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's over!

Woo hoo! Chloe had her last vet visit on Monday and that cursed Elizabethan collar is gone, gone, gone! All that remains now is to pay off the rest of the giganticus vet bill. So, yay!
It's windy and raining here today and it's made the cats go a little bats. They want in, they want out, they want in ... argh.
Work continues much the same as usual and I had a revelation yesterday, or an epiphany if you like. I've spent so much time lately focusing on crap that doesn't matter that I had forgotten what does. Honestly. I had to get J to tell me. Sad. But I felt lighter.
I just hope it holds!
We saw Snakes on a Plane yesterday and it's a lot of fun. B-grade movie and there's no way it could have lived up to its hype but it's a lot of fun nonetheless.
Also ... I submitted a short story on Monday. And not just anywhere. I submitted it to Analog _ nothing like aiming high! So in a few weeks I'll either be ecstatic, or I'll be framing my first ever rejection slip.
I haven't done a lot of writing since I finished that story, it took a lot out of me for a while, more than I thought. But the ideas are starting to yawn, stretch, crack their muscles .... so here's hoping!
Stuff to do, cats to trip over ....

Reading: Labyrinth by Kate Mosse
Working on: Iris by Jill Oxton


Blogger Kip said...

Wow thats great about your story - will have my fingers crossed for you!

3:43 am  
Blogger Maree said...

Thank you!

11:28 am  

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