Wednesday, December 06, 2006


The midwife came today and the baby's heartbeat is as strong as ever :) Also, he/she is moving around really well. For some reason, I had it lodged in my brain that the heartbeat had stopped for some reason. I think because I know I"ve been lucky so far and so I keep expecting something bad to happen. Tragic, but true.
I have felt little 'flutterings' though. So that's good as well :)
The anatomy scan is Monday and we're both looking forward to that; hopefully baby will be co-operative so we can find out what we're having _ then I'm going shopping!!!!!
What else. Work is fine. I've given up on waiting to hear about the job. It'll either happen, or it won't. That's it. So that's a whole bunch of stress I've managed to let go of (I hope!).
The cats are all well and happy; although they really have nothing to complain about!
I'm still working away on the iris for my friend's wedding next year, and she's FINALLY set a date (hooray!)
What else. Eh, I got nothing. :p


Blogger Kip said...

Woo hoo baby clothes shopping! good luck with finding out the sex fingers crosses its what you wanted x

10:24 pm  
Blogger Little Grey Cat said...

Oooh, let us know how the scan goes. Are you going to keep it a secret if you find out or are we allowed to know? I kinda found at at my 20 week scan that baby was a boy but she said she only had a quick glance so not to take it as said. We went and had one of those 4D scans at 26 weeks to confirm it and that was cool :o)

2:48 pm  

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