Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday on my mind (again)

I'm turning into the Friday Poster for some reason. I have no idea why. Had an interesting week.
We heard Iggy's heartbeat properly for the first time on Tuesday when the midwife came around. Which was exciting ... but all J did was stand there and kind of peer at my stomach with his ears. So, after that, we both had a bad day. Me, because he didn't react the way I wanted him to in my head. Him ... see above. As he put it ''if I had just held your hand, none of this would have happened'' ... or words to that effect. *Sigh*.
It's such a stupid thing. It really is. He's doing pretty much everything right, and I know I'm lucky _ he does all the housework and the cooking at the moment, and all I do is go to work, pay the bills and sit on the couch growing a baby (he works part time). He's not as ... surface-excited as I am. But he's engaged and interested and all the good stuff. He's not one for showing excitement anyway, so I don't know why I thought he'd automatically change now.
We've started on the baby's room - moving stuff etc. We've also moved Scouty's food bowl from our room (the windowsill) to the hallway. She's not happy about it at all, but she will eat out there. She's basically living in our room, so that's going to be ... challenging.
Once the bowl was moved though, the solution came to me. We can shut the other cats out of that part of the house, put a cat bed in the hallway and then shut the door to the baby's room. Scouty won't like it at all but you do what you have to, right?
Work has been ... I'd like to say fun but I'm lying. I worked two 1-8 shifts this week, helping in features and was bored out of my tree both days, so that was fun (Ha!)
The old saying is true - the more things change, the more they stay the same. Seems like we have the same complaints as we always did, we're just applying them to different people. It's just kind of dragging at me at the moment, I guess.
That's it for now, that's all she wrote, as it were.


Blogger Little Grey Cat said...

Hiya. It's so exciting isn't it. For me it suddenly became real that first time I heard my baby's heartbeat. I remember getting annoyed at DH over silly things like him not being excited about something or not wanting to go shopping for baby stuff when I wanted to etc. Blokes just don't understand sometimes, and they certainly don't understand preggy mum hormones lol.

You're doing the right thing getting the cats used to not going into certain rooms before baby gets here. My poor little kitty is feeling so left out, but I do try and give her as much attention as I can.

3:06 pm  
Blogger Maree said...

I'm glad it's not just me! The poor man doesn't know which way to jump some days :)

11:23 pm  

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