Friday, November 17, 2006

hammer hammer hammer

J is doing something obscure to a very old desk that involves a lot of hammering. I'll be glad when he's done. We did very grown-up things yesterday, ordered a cot (crib) that's going to be delivered in a couple of weeks and bought a new drier after our old one decided it had had enough of living.
So then I bought a Paddington Bear hooded towel. I was so excited to find Paddington stuff, you have no idea. It seems like ALL of the baby stuff is Disney Disney Disney. I have nothing against Disney as such but I'm not really enamoured of the Disney Pooh Bear stuff (although I was very excited to find A A Milne Pooh Bear merchandise), so finding Paddington Bear was very exciting.
I also bought threads for the project I want to do for the baby's room ... so I have a feeling I may fall off the 10-project challenge.
It's not a ''baby'' pattern but has lovely bright and sunny colours. It's of a cat (what else?) sleeping in a window :)
What else. I had a terribly vivid dream that I nearly lost Scouty, who is our mad cat but she has a special place for me, because we got her on the day of the funeral of the woman from my work who trained me. She died of cancer :(
So I woke up very anxious
and J had to reassure me that Scouty was okay.
Last but not least ... how beautiful is this? I love old-world maps ... of the World&price=41.99&itemtype=counted cross stitch kit


Blogger Kip said...

I love Paddington Bear - theres a wonderful shop over here that deals in all things paddington and I adore the teddies!

10:34 pm  

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