Friday, January 04, 2008

I hate it when that happens!

I rang my money this morning (pay day) and there's considerably less than I was expecting, which means something hasn't gone through, and it's too early to ring work to find out.
It means there'll be more next time but between now and then I'll have banks and suchlike to contend with. So, hopefully, if I stick to my policy of being polite to them, we'll be okay for another fortnight (grrrr).
Not a lot else happening. It's cold here at the moment, though! It's starting out to be a very funny summer; we had really hot days earlier this week, now I've got the heater on!
Patrick is still cutting an eye tooth (ouch!) which isn't really much fun for any of us, but he seems to have had only one bad day on Monday with it.
Work's been okay, kind of busy with people off on holiday, but it seems to be settling back down now.
I have about 10 days off next month, and boy, am I looking forward to them!

I've started writing again _ Jeremy fixed up an old laptop for me, so I'm portable (yay!) and it seems to be working (fingers crossed).
That's really all I have for now.
Photos next time.

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