Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sleep, perchance ...

... ah, sleep! Patrick was waking up really early, and then crying and fussing until I hauled butt to go get him. Then Jeremy hung an old bedspread behind his curtains to block some of the morning sun (Patrick's room faces east) and we have very different mornings around here! Patrick sleeps a bit longer, and even when he does wake up, he doesn't cry anymore. He just sort of hangs out in his cot until I get up. It's made such a big difference, I can't believe it.

I've been picking away at my January 08 project, although I haven't really had a lot of time lately. I'm reluctant to stitch after work because the bit I'm working on has a lot of colour changes, and that takes a bit of concentration. My plan is to work on this for all of January, spend February working on (small) gifts; then in March do another letter of Patrick's dinosaur alphabet before returning to Circe and the January 08 start. It's a plan. I haven't got any further than March yet.

I went to the movies on Tuesday (day off) and saw I Am Legend. I thought it was pretty good; not fantastically great, but pretty good. Will Smith was as likable as always, but oh my gosh, that gorgeous dog nearly stole the whole movie from him! I really want to see American Gangster next, but I promised myself (and Jeremy) that I'd only go to the movies every second week, and not every week. Or I'll go for a bit of shameless begging. We'll see.

We bought a portacot this week, to use as a playpen. Patrick's not crawling yet, but he rolls everywhere. And sooner or later, he fetches up against things. Like the coffee table, or the TV cabinet. So we've not so much baby-proofed the living room, as we've living room-proofed the baby. And he quite likes it.

That's all I have for now.

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