Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby babble

I've asked Jeremy to take some footage of Patrick when he's in full baby-babble mode, but I have a feeling I'll have to ask another 78 times before he does it.

So some notes ...
I love:
The way Patrick grabs a toy out of his box, rolls on to his back, "strums" it with his fingers and says "ah ah ah" ... or words to that effect to it.

The way he calls everything "ba ba ba ba" at the moment.

The way he kicks his legs when he knows he's got something he's not allowed and you're trying to get it off him.

The way he "announces" himself by babbling in a very pleased manner when he's doing something forbidden - like playing with the computer case, or heading for the kitchen.

The way he blows raspberries; the way he listens to the music on ads, and the way he gets so excited when one of the cats veers inside his reach zone.

The way he babbles away to himself in his car seat; his "sleep-groan-stretches" about midnight (I hear them on the monitor); the way he laughs with complete abandon.

The way he'll _ if you're holding him, and you've done something he wants you to do again _ he'll lean right into you with the biggest smile.

There are others. But it's getting late. :)

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