Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscars Monday

Yes, I know. But it's on Monday here in New Zealand. Traditionally, a friend of mine and I get together to eat junk food and pick at the outfits. But she has a heavy cold and didn't want to pass it on to Patrick, so I was on my own, with the odd phone call.

Sigh. It was boring. Boring, boring, boring. And not just because I was on my own. The ceremony was dull. I mean, I know that the writers strike only just ended and all, but for the 80th Oscars it was really lacking. Surely Hollywood is obsessed with things like that? Anyway, it felt like a long day. Plus I'm on holiday until March 4 and I'm getting cabin fever already.

It doesn't help that poor wee Patrick has a tooth coming through, which is making him shirty. He wants to be picked up you understand, he just doesn't want to be *held*. He's very restless and every day, we expect the rolling to morph into crawling. I don't think it's too far away.

The good thing today is that I've been able to really get stuck into the star sign Leo I've been doing for my mother to give to my nephew. It actually looks like a lion!

Scouty has a gammy eye again, and she's the one we really can't take to the vet unless it's an emergency. She's soooooooo nervous! I keep looking at it and thinking "I must wash that with some saline solution .... I must wash that with some saline solution ..." then the next thing I know she's gone into hiding somewhere.

What else. Eh. I got nothing. :)

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