Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sadness ... and some pictures

The sadness first. The convent beside my old primary school is being re-developed into a hotel. There aren't any nuns there any more, and it's owned by ... Some Gusy ... so I get that change is inevitable, but what really upsets me, is that they're going to convert the chapel as well.

I LOVED that chapel! We had services there sometimes, when I was in school. It was round, and small, and the floor was heated. That's one of my clearest memories: sitting on the floor as a littlie and enjoying the feeling of the warmth. Just remembering it makes me feel warm.

But, it too is going to be carved up apparently, along with the rest of the convent. I can't help feeling that, soon, I'll turn around in my very own hometown, and not recognise anything. *Sigh*


Patrick, not really wanting to get up for his dinner:

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