Sunday, March 23, 2008


And the warm weather continues.
We're supposed to be heading into autumn, but nature obviously hasn't got that memo yet, given the blue skies and warm sunny days we've been having. Ah .... global warming. Or something.

However, like a good little ant (apart from the money stuff that I"m very bad at) I've been compulsively preparing for winter. Mostly by buying Patrick new clothes. He's growing like a weed that's been given a special growth hormone and most of his stuff just doesn't fit any more.
Sigh. Where'd my wee baby go?

He's a lot of fun at the moment, though, with the cheekiest grin, and soooooooooo active! He's just everywhere! And very chatty, although it's mostly still baby babble. He's still commando crawling, getting about on his arms and tummy, but once in a while, he sticks his bum in the air and waves it about for a second before collapsing back on to the floor. Oh, so cute!

I've been having a bit of a stitching break, since finishing the star signs, but that won't last long. I'll get bored. So I've got Patrick's dinosaur alphabet out to work on.

We ventured out yesterday, amongst all the other drivers going "oh no! the shops were closed yesterday and they'll be closed tomorrow! Must. Spend!!!!" Ah, Easter.

We were far more civilised than that. We went to the library, an out-of-the-way baby store, and to see my mother. SO much less stressful. No, really. And I'm working today anyway, so quiet is good.

More later.



Blogger becca said...

I'm having the same feeling with my baby. He will soon be 18 months. Where did my baby go? Seems like just yesterday he was crawling around like your little one. Now he's into EVERTHING. LOL

10:19 pm  

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