Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Sock Monster

What is it with socks? Baby socks, in particular. I blinked, or turned around, and Patrick grew, necessitating the purchase of new clothes and, of course, new socks. I bought six pairs, thinking that would be enough.

Now four and a half of those pairs seem to be missing. How? Why? I'm starting to think that there really is a monster in the closet _ a giant sock, consuming all the baby socks in the house; at night when we're all asleep. It's the only possible explanation. Unless Patrick is getting out of his cot at night, somehow opening his door, and cruising the house for socks ... but why? Is he storing them for something? Saving them for winter? EATING them?

I am honestly at a loss. Maybe our house has some kind of black hole, that's specifically tuned to socks. It sneaks about when we're not looking and hoovers them up; like someone eating something they're not supposed to.

It could be in the house even now ... I wonder if I should leave out some sock-bait. Just to see if I"m right ...



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