Saturday, April 19, 2008

Situation normal ...

... and all that jazz. I was going to blog about how I haven't been stitching much lately because I lost my coffee table to the baby cause: it's being used as a temporary heater guard, so I had nowhere to set my pattern up. However, we have two coffee tables, so I'm back in the game, as it were.
I'm not getting a lot done really, but more than I was. I even finally finished the first page of my Jill Oxton Circe pattern _ five years after I started it *ahem*.
Patrick is good; he's still commando crawling, although every so often he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks for a bit. It's very cute to watch. While I'm encouraging him out loud when he does it; I'm also looking around for possible hazards once he is up and crawling properly.
A mother's work is never done. :)
I'm sure I have lots of wonderfully insightful things to say. But I've already been on the computer too long.
Maybe next time.

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