Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Great Procrastinator

Well, I've done nothing at all so far about any kind of daycare; or finding classes that Patrick and I could both go to. I know there are Mainly Music lessons, and the library has activities _ whether for littlies like Patrick or older children I'm not sure. Oh yes, I'm the Great Procrastinator.
He's still rolling everywhere, and not really showing a lot of interest in crawling, or sitting, or standing. He will stick his bum in the air sometimes when he's doing his daily roll-around but that's as far as we've got. And when he's sitting _ in his highchair, or the corner of the couch _ he arches his back and slumps down. So "sitting" is not on his list of hobbies. I figure there's not a lot I can do if he's not ready. So I'm trying to be patient.
Situation normal the past week. Work is frustrating at the moment and it's something I can't do much about. The home front is fine, although Jeremy and I seem to be bickering a lot lately. But I think that's because the work situation is leaking out the sides and affecting everything else. I've decided I need to take a deep breath, a step back, and think before I open my trap!
I had yesterday off, and I was going to go to the movies, but I felt like I was talking myself into it, so I stayed home and just mooched. Watched TV, took care of Patrick, read; I even got some stitching done! I'm working on the birthday presents for my niece and nephew that my mother has commissioned. They're small designs of their star signs. I still need some threads, and I'm working around that at the moment which is a little annoying.
Pretty good day overall. :)

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Blogger Chiloe said...

Show us your stitching ;-) Patrick is very cute !!!

12:13 pm  
Blogger Maree said...

Thank you! I think so :)
I will, when I have something to show for it _ I'm not getting a heck of a lot done at the moment.

11:07 pm  

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