Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm trying to think of a post that's not full of complaining. And sadly, it's not easy right now. But I will do my best!
My mother came around this morning to see Patrick, and to scam us for a cup of coffee like she does every Thursday. My mother, the con artist. I'm sure she'd deny it but I believe Patrick is her favourite grandchild. It's good to see her, but I'm always tired afterwards, because my mother talks a lot, and she's also getting a little bit hard of hearing (not bad for 75, though) so I end up feeling as though I've just run a verbal race.
I won't talk about work, the source of most of my unhappy complaining this week. Well just to say it's been ugh. Next week should be better. I'm doing 2 weeks of 11-7 shifts, and it'll be nice to have Sundays off.
Actually, I have a three-day weekend this weekend because I have tomorrow (Friday) and Sunday off. Woot!
We're going to an awesome secondhand bookshop, the library and a bakery. A morning of happy (hopefully) family travels, then possibly (hopefully) an afternoon of some reading, while Patrick crashes from his Big Morning Out. Heh ... a cunning plan for sure.
Okay. That was easier than I thought. :)



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