Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dark and gloomy

The weather, that is. It's all windy, and rainy and cold. And I have to go to work this afternoon.
Woo hoo.
I started stitching again, working on an old WIP. Feels good, though.
Had a very quiet Saturday, mostly just catching up on some TV programmes, stitching and reading. We also rented some DVDs and watched Underworld: Evolution. Which wasn't horribly bad.
I'm trying to think. I really am.
I'm kind of not looking forward to going to work tonight, because P will be back from holiday and she has a very nasty habit of calling up stories ON OTHER PEOPLE'S PAGES and changing things because gosh, she's right and the rest of us are idiots. I've had particular issues with her because I took over doing the sports pages and every night, before she went away for two weeks, she'd call up stuff on my pages and change them without telling me.
I could rant and rave at her, as others have done, but what does this 40-something woman do? Throw a hissy and go home.
The bosses that be that we have now, apart from one, are useless at this stuff and won't come down on her and, quite frankly, the VERY LAST THING I need in my life is stress. It's not healthy anyway, but especially now, it's not healthy for me or for Blip. (I must come up with a new name. I'm nearly two months and Blip is bigger than that now).
So, I don't know.
Between P being I'm-better-than-everyone and S doing her I'm-the-only-person-in-the-universe thing, I'm surprised my head doesn't come off.
There's always someone, isn't there. No matter what you do, or where you work. There's always someone. And intellectually, I know it doesn't matter. It really doesn't. I'm just frustrated I guess, and I needed to get it out of my brain. Makes it seem a lot smaller when it's in print.
Otherwise, we're doing fine. Blip is fine, I'm fine.
The midwife is coming on Wednesday for her first visit and then we're going to the bank to see if we qualify for a 100% home loan. That stuff is FAR more interesting!


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