Saturday, September 30, 2006


Woo hoo! I can legitimately do nothing and I don't have to worry about going to work, for a WHOLE DAY! I tell you _ I've been looking forward to Saturdays a lot more lately!
I know I'm lucky; the only real ''symptoms'' I have are tiredness and permanently sore boobs. Otherwise, I've been feeling pretty good, so I have no reason to complain.
I'm just having a hard time coming to terms with the tiredness. It's SO unlike me to crawl back into bed during the day for any reason, but lately, when I get tired enough, that's exactly what I've been doing.
I need to stop fighting it, because that just adds stress and stress is bad for both of us.
It's so weird to think of myself as a ''we''.
My first scan is in a month or so; then there's the 20-week scan where we're going to find out what we're having; J is really looking forward to that one. I know people have differing opinions, but I'm having enough surprises with this pregnancy thing as it is, thankyouverymuch. And what could be a bigger surprise than pushing out a human?
Besides, I want to be as organised as I can now, because I know once the baby is here, all bets are off.
What else. I'm doing pretty good so far on the 10-project challenge; haven't started anything new. I do have a project I want to do for a friend of mine and I have the fabric and threads for it but I'm going to try and hold off until I've finished at least one.
My stitching and reading have been sporadic this week and my writing non-existent.
For now, I'm just trying to learn to roll with the punches.


Blogger Kip said...

I am so impressed your sticking to your list I stink at the challenge already!

10:12 pm  
Blogger Maree said...

I'm trying, for now, anyway. It's not easy!

10:46 pm  

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