Friday, October 13, 2006


Honestly. I write headings and stuff for a living. But coming up with entry titles for this blog? Nup.
The weather here has morphed into warmth. Personally, I'm hoping for a crappy, cold summer, for purely selfish reasons. Mostly because I'll be hot, grumpy and uncomfortable. But we'll see. I certainly plan to complain a lot.
We had a two-hour legal seminar for work this week _ started an hour before we all were supposed to start work, so ... nice. Mostly I sat there thinking ... don't ... fall ... asleep! At least the company sent us nice lawyers to look at this time.
What else. I'm actually reading! and stitching! Woo hoo ... go me! I finally conceded and started getting up half an hour later in the morning (I don't start work until 4pm) and it's made such a difference. I'm not half as tired.
According to The Book (What to Expect ...) the baby is the size of an apple and quietly growing away. So I thought of calling her/him "apple" but I just can't. She/he is too big for blip now, so I need a new baby-nickname.
J is fine; he's looking forward to the first scan in two weeks; I think it'll become a lot more real to him then :)
He's been very good though, he always has been, with the housework and such and now he's cooking dinner for us as well (we have our main meal in the middle of the day because of my hours). I was the main cook but lately I'd just go, "I don't know! I'm too tired!" So he's taken over and is doing very well, I might add.
Cats are all well and acting like, well, cats.
Over and out.


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