Friday, October 06, 2006

Spring and such

The weather is warming up and we're having lovely fine days, which is weird considering how wild and woolly the weather is further up the country. But for now it's nice to see the sun :)
Had a pretty quiet week; I'm becoming the expert at doing Nothing. Honestly. At the moment, all it feels like I'm doing is sleeping, eating and going to work. It's not that I don't want to do other stuff, it just seems like my body has different ideas.
And, of course, work this week has been busy busy busy, with far too many people on holiday all at once. Last night was special, and tonight is shaping up to be another treat.
We went to the cemetery on Monday, which would have been Dad's 84th birthday. Part of me stil can't get my head around the fact that not only will he never meet this baby, he'll never know about it at all. Never sing to it, or grow peas for it in the summertime ... eh. Sad thoughts.
What else. Well, since I haven't really been doing anything ... not a lot!


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