Friday, October 20, 2006

Marauding moggy

Piper is hanging around because she thinks she should be fed special food and not just the biscuits we give all the cats. Very precise tastes for a kitten who spent the first part of her life living outside!
Freak-out moment: we bought a pram this week *eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek*. One of the stores had a deal that was just too good to pass up. I just can't look at it yet. First scan next Friday and here are my fears about that:
I've imagined the whole thing and there is no baby

Baby but no heartbeat
I think that's all .... yep, that's all the freakouts I have for now.
Otherwise, all is well, I suppose.
Work has been fine, if frustrating this week, but nothing that really and truly matters, you know? Just the usual petty BS you get sunk in.
Anyway, we're in the process (slow process) of turning my writing/study into the baby's room. I haven't been doing much writing lately anyway, and I told J I didn't really need the non-internet computer he'd set up for me; it could just be put away for now. But he found a way around that, too and now I have a computer in the corner of our bedroom; just for writing. I wanted one with no internet access so I wouldn't get distracted. I was perfectly willing to give that up altogether for the baby, because I know we need to make sacrifices, but J wasn't willing to let me give it up. So I may not have a room of my own, but I do have a corner!
Beyond that, I got nothing.


Blogger Kip said...

I'm sure baby will be fine! fingers crossed for you and make sure you post a pic of your scan x

8:51 pm  
Blogger Maree said...

Worrying is kind of like a hobby for me. I will post a pic of the scan :)And thanks!

10:34 pm  

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